Applying for Specialty Certification
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Summary of Application Procedures

Intent to Apply Form

Portfolio Checklist
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Manual of Policies and Procedures
What is specialty certification?
Specialty certification is a means by which
audiologists or speech-language
pathologists with advanced knowledge, skills
and experience  beyond the certificate of
Clinical Competence (CCC-A or CCC-SLP)
can be recognized by consumers,
colleagues, referral and payor sources, and
the general public.  The American Board of
Child Language and Language Disorders is
approved by the Council on Clinical
Certification of the American
Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Membership:  An individual may apply to
the American Board of Child Language and
Language Disorders to become a Board
Certified Specialist in Child Language by
complying with the following Standards for
Certification as a Child Language

1.  Hold a current Certificate of Clinical
Competence (CCC) in Speech-Language
Pathology; verify an equivalent of five years
of clinical experience after obtaining the
CCC with an emphasis on Child Language;

2. Document advanced educational
experiences (100 hours in intermediate or
advanced programming) related to typical
and atypical language learners, beyond the
requirements for the CCC, including typical
language learning, children at-risk for
language disorders, language differences,
and disordered oral and written language,
including discourse; and

3.  Demonstrate advanced knowledge,
skills, and experiences in Child Language.
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