American Board of Child Language and
Language Disorders
Advanced Knowledge--Skills--Experience
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    Who is the Specialist in Child Language?  The specialist in Child
    Language is a nationally certified speech-language pathologist with
    national board certification as a professional with expertise in child

    The benefits of distinguishing yourself as a Board Certified Specialist in
    Child Language:
  • expand growth of your practice
  • facilitate making informed choices about services
  • increase referrals
  • maximize your networking
  • add value for employers
The American Board of Child Language and Language Disorders is
approved by the Council on Clinical Certification of the American
Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
ABCLLD Board Members
at Board Meeting

Barbara Moore
Melissa Jakubowitz
Danielle Ziulkowski
Kathleen Whitmire
Paula Rhyner
Monica Ferguson
Judy Montgomery
Trisha Self
ABCLLD Board Meeting November 2016:  Judy Montgomery, Monica Ferguson, Melissa Jakubowitz, Barbara
Moore, Kathleen Whitmire, Trisha Self, Paula Rhyner.